Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre



What is it?

The Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre is a place where causes and cures of diseases are tested. It is built around an MRI scanner of a special kind which gives a whole new window on what is happening inside the body.


Where is it?

It is on the new Campus for Ageing and Health, on the Nunsmoor Road side of the Newcastle General Hospital.


What’s so special about it?

The Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre is unique in bringing together the best physicists with the best clinical researchers. The interaction between cutting edge science and the very best doctoring means that we can identify promising areas for advance. Not only that but we can build the equipment needed. There is also our very special advantage. In the North East of England, folk are very willing to give up their time to volunteer for research studies. We get great help and are able to do studies much more easily than they could be done elsewhere. In turn we make sure that we inform all our volunteers about the outcomes of the projects that they have helped with.


Why does it need a new scanner?

The invention of techniques by the MR physics team has allowed us to work on projects in several disease areas. Currently, the requirement for magnet time of these clinical studies is preventing us from moving forwards on other important work and preventing further physics developmental work. At the same time, an important advance in magnet design means that we must move forwards to take advantage of this.





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